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Thai Stick – The Pinnacle of Joints And How To Roll One

Thai Stick – cannabis consumption methods continually grow, expand, and change the more popular and wide-spread marijuana use becomes. This high demand is fueling massive growth, and with that — more entrepreneurs are deciding to get involved in the burgeoning marijuana trade with confidence. 

Sometimes, in order to advance forward, we need to look to our past. 

A great example is the rise and fall of Thai Sticks. If you’re thinking to yourself “what the heck is a Thai Stick?”, you’re completely justified in your confusion. 

Today, Thai Sticks aren’t particularly well-known among most Westerners, and that’s because of where and how they are created. 

We’re here today to tell you that Thai Sticks are perhaps one of the most underrated and underappreciated cannabis products available today.

Let’s find out why! 

Where Do Thai Sticks Come From?

As its name suggests, Thai Sticks were first discovered by Westerners in the hills of Thailand during the 1960s when soldiers were shipped to Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War. 

Understandably, Thai Sticks left quite the impression on these young men for its ability to make a difficult situation more bearable. They loved them so much — many soldiers ended up smuggling them back home to sell, or for their personal use. 

This is how the cannabis pipeline between the United States and Thailand got started. It was the rumored appeal of the Thai Sticks high potency, large size, and use of hash oil that caught the attention of Western marijuana consumers. After all, it was like nothing they’ve ever smoked before. 

By Western standards, Thai Sticks only remained popular for about a decade before being replaced by the joint, then the bong. That said, as marijuana consumption becomes more mainstream in the Westernized World — it looks like Thai Sticks could make a strong comeback.

Thai Stick – Definition

thai stick guide

In its most basic form, Thai Sticks are full, unground marijuana buds that have been skewered on a plant stem, or bamboo stick. Typically, they’re anchored with hemp string or a silk line to keep it secure before being covered in hash oil and other THC concentrates like kief or wax.

The use of potent and high-quality weed strains that can be doused in any cannabis concentrate of your choosing makes for one tasty marijuana kabob that would tempt any cannabis enthusiast. While making a Thai Stick can be complex and time-consuming, smoking it is incredibly easy; simply untie the string, remove the stick, and light it up. 

Keep in mind that Thai Sticks are essentially extra large and extra potent weed cigars, so you’ve been warned that these aren’t for the faint of heart or newbies with a low tolerance.

Now let’s begin!

How to Roll Your Own


What You’ll Need

  • Marijuana flower
  • Small plant stem or bamboo stick (chopsticks are a great alternative) 
  • Hemp string
  • Hash oil (or sugar water)
  • Cleaned plant leaves 
  • Parchment paper

Step 1

Find the largest/fluffiest buds you can find in your stash and set aside. These are easier to compress and pack than hard, dense nugs; which make the smoke too harsh.  

Step 2

Next, using your hash oil or sugar water, you’ll want to coat your skewering stick with it to make it slightly sticky. Once you’ve coated your stick with sugar water or hash oil — bind your buds to your stick with the hemp string. You’ll want to use a thick coating of hash oil or sugar water to keep the buds in place after the curing process. 

Step 3

Now you’re ready for the hardest part of the Thai Stick making process: waiting. The biggest downside of making and smoking Thai Sticks is that you have to wait several days for it to cure and solidify in one piece. We recommend wrapping it up in parchment paper and storing it in the refrigerator for a few days. 

Step 4

After a few days have passed, slowly unwind the hemp string from your Thai Stick. If you didn’t use enough sugar water or hash oil in Step 2, your buds won’t stay secured and will fall off as you unwrap the hemp string. This is why we recommend being liberal with the hash oil and sugar water. 

Step 5

Once you remove the hemp string, coat the buds with a light layer of sugar water or hash oil, then wrap it up in the cleaned MJ leaves you have set aside. You’re going to use three layers worth of leaves to cover it in. 

Step 6

Stick your triple-layered stick in parchment paper, and throw it in a hot pan or on a hot plate for a few seconds. This helps seal everything between all those layers of leaves. 

Step 7

Once you’ve heated and sealed it, re-wrap it with the hemp string — then roll it back up inside the parchment paper. Put it back in the refrigerator, and let it cure for a few hours. 

Step 8

This next step gives you two options. You can do the final cure in a plastic bag, and bury it 3 feet beneath the ground for a month, or you can vacuum seal it — then let it sit for a week. 

Some people go ahead and smoke it after Step 7 without doing a final cure, however, curing it one last time will render a better-tasting Thai Stick. 

Step 9

Whatever method you decide to opt for, make sure to remove the hemp string and stick BEFORE smoking, otherwise, you won’t be able to smoke it. 

Now the only thing left to do is light, and enjoy!

The Final Hit

We think Thai Sticks are a fun and unique way to get high and express your creativity, however, as we mentioned several times — these are insanely potent and shouldn’t be consumed by new or low tolerance users. We want our readers to get the most out of their products and experience, so please enjoy safely!

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