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What’s a Dime Bag and How Much Weed Does a Dime Bag Have?

The term “dime bag” has fallen out of vogue in modern times, but this cannabis colloquial piece used to be widespread and relevant to cannabis communities the world over.

Long before the day of Canadian legalization, the term was used to describe an affordable bag of cannabis sold by dealers on the street. Today, you won’t hear many people use the term, but there are still a few old-school tokers who never stopped using it to describe an affordable weed bag.

What is a Dime Bag?

dime bag

Dime bags used to describe an affordable bag of weed that could be purchased for a “dime,” short-form slang for a $10 bill. During the peak of Reefer Madness, dealers and buyers needed a discreet way to communicate the goods they were selling and the amount they were charging without attracting too much attention from the police and authorities.

The price of dime bags remained stable at around $10, but the amount would typically vary from dealer to dealer. Nevertheless, the amount of weed sold in dime bags proved more than enough for personal enjoyment and usually contained enough weed to roll a small, single joint.

With cannabis legalization hitting the Canadian market in 2018, many tokers know that a $10 dime bag of weed isn’t going to take you very far in terms of volume. While some online dispensaries still offer affordable and quality amounts of weed, you’ll be hardpressed to find similar amounts available at government dispensaries.

Interestingly, the original dime bag term has been co-opted by other producers and manufacturers to describe any bag, backpack, or purse made with hemp or designed to be smell proof to store weed and weed accessories!

While you won’t have to worry about any pungent odours or smells with a vape pen, these new dime bags will undoubtedly be of much use to those of us who prefer burning down a joint or hitting a dab and need a bag to keep everything inconspicuous.

How Much is a Dime Bag? How Much Will a Dime Get You Today?

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A dime bag is $10, but that won’t get you much today in terms of quantity. Unless you’re shopping at an online dispensary, the extraneous fees that government dispensaries will charge for cannabis will have you pining for the days of cannabis yore.

With that being said, there are still a couple of factors that’ll determine how much you’ll pay for a dime bag. Legalization hasn’t just changed availability – it’s also improved consistency and quality, too.


Quality is the biggest difference between dime bags of today and dime bags of the past. New and novel forms of technology have made their way into the cannabis space, and with it, more potent, flavourful, and interesting strains are being introduced into the cannabis zeitgeist.

While weed in the past might have had a THC content of 5-10%, your average gram of weed today is more likely to have 15-28% of THC by volume. This is a significant jump, which means that you’ll need a lot less to get more high.

New cannabis concentrates such as vape pens, and distillates are also competing for your average toker’s attention. For example, half a gram of premium THC distillate from Pyro will last longer and get you a lot higher than a bag of weed. Factor in the odour-free convenience and the ability to take it anywhere, and you’ll understand why dime bags are becoming more and more scarce.


The price of a dime bag will also depend on where you’re located as well. If you’re in British Columbia, Canada, you’ll have access to a bounty of quality BC bud that’s not only potent but cheap as well. The quality of BC bud is one reason why Pyro Extract’s products are so flavourful and affordable – quality input produces quality output.

However, the same can’t be said for other parts of Canada. Outside of BC, AAAA or even AAA bud will be hard to find and incredibly expensive to source. Perhaps this lack of accessibility to quality bud is why many tokers today prefer shopping at an online dispensary over government dispensaries.


It’s no secret that weed grown under nutrient and climate-controlled greenhouses are superior to those grown outside. The seasonal availability of quality cannabis is another thing you’ll have to factor in if you’re looking to price your dime bags affordably.

Late summer (July to August) and early autumn (September to October) is where you’ll be able to find the best prices on dime bags. This season is when the majority of outdoor cannabis growers will seek to harvest their yields. If you’re able to hold out until then, you’ll be able to find weed of affordable pricing. Any later than that and you’ll be looking at pricier, greenhouse-grown weed.

Dime Bags – Slang of Cananbis Yore

Dime bags might not mean what they used to mean, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use the term to describe affordable weed grams. The term is different, but back in the heyday of cannabis prohibition, you’ll hear the word being thrown around town by dankrupt tokers and eager dealers.

The next time you’re chatting with someone about cannabis prices, let them know about the history of dime bags. You never know when the term will come back in style!

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