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Smoking During Winter – Warm Up by Sparking Up

Smoking during winter doesn’t sound ideal, but as with most things in life, there’s a silver lining. Unless you’re an experienced mountaineering expert, we wouldn’t recommend you go hiking with weed once the temperature starts to drop below zero. 

Still, one of the best things about cannabis culture is that it endures, even when it’s cold. 

With the sun setting early and the weather being all-around dreary, you might think that smoking during winter is a depressing experience. 

While you could take that idea and run with it, why not instead relish the opportunity to toke up even when the weather isn’t all that agreeable?

Sure, smoking inside isn’t really an option like consuming liquor and alcohol (another cold-weather favourite). Still, the cold weather does offer benefits that smoking in the summer doesn’t provide.

This article will delve into why smoking during winter is great and why you should do it more often. 

Pros of Smoking During Winter 

There are Fewer People 

Cannabis is federally legal in Canada, but that doesn’t mean you can just toke up anywhere.

Technically, you could, but just like how you wouldn’t appreciate some second-hand cigarette smoke wafting towards your face, many non-tokers wouldn’t take too kindly to lingering dankness invading their personal space. 

It’s treating others the way you want to be treated. Ultimately, just don’t be a jerk, and you should be golden.  

Since it’s cold out, one of the best things about smoking during winter is that you’ll rarely see too many people out-and-about once it drops below freezing, even in the cities. 

What this means is that you can burn one down as you walk along the cold, barren streets without worrying about bothering others. 

While this might not sound like a big deal, it is for those who have to drive a ways away to hit up their favourite sesh spots. 

How many times have you been hiking with weed only to reach your destination and find it packed with people? Probably too many times to count.

Save yourself the hassle. Smoke during winter and enjoy some privacy. 

You Can Smoke More Easily and With Less Irritation

smoking during winter pros

Unless you’re using a vape kit, the irritation that a joint can bring to your lungs is relatable to tokers everywhere. This is true, especially during the summer months. 

Once the warmer weather brings about warmer air, the increased temperature and humidity increase the irritation that blunts and joints already cause.  

Have you ever stepped out into the world after that first, fresh snowfall to take in a breath of winter air? Few would argue that it’s anything but crisp and refreshing. 

Cold air, for many, actually makes it easier to smoke weed.

You ever wondered why it was so hard to breathe in a hot box? All that smoke, vapour, and hot air certainly aren’t doing your lungs any favours. 

If you’re the kind of toker that enjoys a milder, gentler smoking experience, smoking during winter and taking in that fresh, cold air could be just what you need. 

You Have More Privacy

smoking during winter privacy

If you have already opted to switch to a vape pen rather than the typical weed-smoking forms such as joints or blunts, you’re already avoiding leaving clouds of pungent cannabis smoke behind. You are also most likely medicating in the comfort of your home. 

For those who either don’t have a vape pen yet or are unable to vape inside, you’re probably already familiar with the dilemma of heading outside for a smoke and having to either walk around the neighbourhood or visit a sesh spot to avoid leaving your balcony and house reeking of weed. 

Many apartments, properties, and even houses today still don’t look too kindly towards partaking in recreational or medicinal weed, whether indoors or outdoors. 

While vape pens offer the most privacy, convenience, and potency at a fantastic price, smoking a joint or clearing a bowl during winter can also provide you with the same benefits. 

This cold-weather induced privacy has everything to do with odour molecules, more specifically, how they move. When it’s cold out, there’s less heat to give molecules energy, so odour actually moves slower

In this way, you won’t have to worry as much about your secondhand weed smoke wafting into somebody’s unsuspecting nose because it will, for the most part, stay localized. 

Since your smoke won’t be moving too far anymore, you’ll be able to smoke just a few meters away from your house, garage, or even your balcony and not worry about your smoking disturbing others too much.

Another perk of smoking during winter? The cold air can limit our sense of smell. Our olfactory receptors, receptors found within our noses that help us identify and pick up scents, retract once it’s cold

This retraction makes smelling a lot harder, which explains why winter literally smells different to some people. 

Want more privacy during your smoke seshes? Jack Frost is there to provide.  

Smoking During Winter – More Than Just Blowing Hot Air 

Want more privacy and freedom while also having a smoother smoking experience? Smoking during winter is the solution for you. 

If you haven’t made the switch yet to a vape pen, braving the elements to burn one down is the next best solution.

It’s not a perfect replacement for smoking during summer, but these are the reasons we look forward to smoking during winter so much anyway. It provides a different kind of relaxation and comfort in curling up, getting cozy, and feeling all kinds of warm and fuzzy in more ways than one.

As always, make sure that the flower or concentrate that you purchase comes from a reputable and safe dispensary to ensure the most pleasurable, safest experience. 

If you’re looking for a method to relax and unwind or maybe an excuse to take a break and briefly escape your family during the holidays (listen, we get it), smoking during winter provides an ideal scenario for enjoying the crisp, winter air while reaping the benefits of weed.

pyro kit

Finally, if you want something that is easier on your lungs and can be smoked inside, consider using a vape. Instead of smoke, vaporizers vaporize cannabis concentrates and produce vapor that is healthier for your lungs and is also much stronger than smoking weed.

On top of that, vaporizers don’t leave a lingering odour with its vapour and can be used whenever and wherever you go. Want to vape at home or while hiking in nature? Use a vaporizer.

Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself and enjoy!

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