Grand Daddy Purple

Imagine the taste of grape soda combined with Skittles and you’ve got yourself Grand Daddy Purple. Have peace of mind with a concentrate that is refined and pure accompanied by a sweet and delectable flavour.

500ml of Distillate/Cartridge

Pyro distillate is extracted through a proprietary, solvent-free process that leverages locally grown, craft cannabis to produce distillate with character and distinction.

We believe in the power of engaging with our communities. The special relationship we share with our local craft growers allows for a much more involved level of control that guarantees cannabis of the highest quality.

Our honest approach to crafted quality is reflected in our use of only natural and authentic terpenes. Pyro is committed to providing enthusiasts a truly uncompromised experience, and that means comitting to truly uncompromised flavours.

Available in 7 different strains/flavours.