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Moon Rocks – Why You Should Love These Kief Covered Nugs

Moon Rocks — lovingly referred to as “cannabis caviar,” these kief covered buds are considered the champagne of the weed world. Made up of an amalgamation of different pot products, these tasty confections make for one very potent nug. 

As their name suggests, Moon Rocks not only resemble actual rocks you might find on the moon, but they will figuratively send you to the moon and back. If you’ve ever enjoyed an ice cream cone that was dipped in chocolate and doused in sprinkles, then you’ll appreciate what these little kief covered nugs are all about!

The usual Moon Rock recipe consists of marijuana buds that have been dipped in hash oil or distillate and covered in kief. Sounds amazing, right? 

But before you get too trigger happy, it’s important to remember that Moon Rocks are literally three weed products rolled into one, making them the strongest weed products you can currently buy, so proceed with caution. 

What Are Moon Rocks Made Of?

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Moon Rocks get regularly confused with the Moon Rocks synthesized from the drug MDMA (ecstasy). These are NOT the same things. Ecstasy Moon Rocks are methamphetamines that act on the dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine receptors; whereas Moon Rocks from marijuana act on the cannabinoid receptors in our brain. 

Another misconception about Moon Rocks is that they only use the strain Girl Scout Cookie. This isn’t true. Moon Rocks are made using various strains that are rolled in hash oil and/or distillate and covered in kief. Whatever strain of bud, hash oil, or kief works just fine. Just make sure to cover the bud with hash oil before covering it in kief — and you’ll be good to go. 

So what are moon rocks made of? Well, like we’ve said earlier, the original recipe called for buds of Girl Scout Cookies to be dunked in hash oil before being covered in kief. Usually, the buds are submerged in one layer of hash oil, left to dry and then submerged again to build a thick coating. When the last layer is applied and still wet, the hash oil covered nugs are rolled around in kief. 

A word of warning – if you’re using distillate, be ready for an incredibly potent experience.

This kief coating gives the moon rocks a dusted, powdery look and is also the source for its eponymous name!

How To Use Moon Rocks 

Since Moon Rocks are notorious for being the strongest and most potent marijuana product around, they’ll most definitely impact your energy levels and mental state; making it near impossible to get anything done. This is why we recommend clearing your schedule and making sure to partake when you have a big chunk of free time. 

The reason they’re so strong is that THC is the most active cannabinoid found in these cannabis products, and THC is the compound that makes you feel the psychoactive high. Considering these lunar rocks contain markedly higher levels of THC than the other run-of-the-mill products out there, they’ll be much stronger than any other product you’ve tried before.

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s talk about how you can consume these bad boys. One of the great things about these nugs is its versatility. It can be broken up and smoked in a pipe, joint, vape, or bowl, but whatever you do — DON’T USE A GRINDER. Using a grinder will ruin the Moon Rocks and your grinder because they are incredibly sticky and resinous. 

That said, keeping them lit can be a bit tricky, but once you do, it will produce a nice slow burn and immediate psychedelic effects that will increase in intensity for the next half hour or so. You can expect your high to linger for hours, or even into the next morning if you’re a newbie to high-THC strains or Moon Rocks. 

Can You Eat Them?

No, you can’t eat Moon Rocks. Eating Moon Rocks wouldn’t activate the cannabinoids needed to produce a high, or to get therapeutic benefit from. The cannabinoid acids located in the plants’ resin glands are not psychoactive until the extra carboxyl molecules are removed via heat — which is known as decarboxylation.  

Through decarboxylation, THCA becomes THC, and CBDA becomes CBD. This process happens naturally whenever you light a joint or spark a bowl. Cannabis needs heat to activate in order for our bodies to be able to absorb it so if you eat it, you won’t be going nowhere fast! 

 What’s interesting is THC actually contains very little THC before it’s heated and decarboxylated. As you can see, you definitely don’t want to eat Moon Rocks; they would taste terrible and wouldn’t get you high in any way, shape, or form. 

While you can’t eat Moon Rocks, they will give you a strong case of the munchies, so have your favorite foods and snacks handy!

Moon Rocks – What’s The Potency Like?

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How potent your individual batch of Moon Rocks be depends on the THC content of the bud used, how it’s made, or who produces it. Generally, most Moon Rocks will test at around 50% THC but can vary from there depending on the potency of the hash oil and how much of it is used. 

Smoking Moon Rocks come with a very delicious terpene-rich flavor, and produces clouds that are so large and full — each hit is its own little adventure. 

Since it is so incredibly potent, you will more likely than not have a good coughing or hacking session following the first couple of hits, but this is easily remedied by waiting a few minutes and drinking some water.

The high itself starts in the head, then spreads down to your toes. It’s a slow burn, but since they’re so potent, you’ll definitely feel effects immediately. However, it intensifies over the next 30 minutes before reaching the peak of your high. If you start feeling uncomfortable from being too high, keep in mind the feeling will pass, and to keep calm.

The only real way to know how strongly these will affect you is to take accountability and be aware of your tolerance levels. If taking a hit or smoking a regular bowl or joint is too much for you, it’s safe to say you should steer clear of strong cannabis products such as these. If you’re a daily smoker that can easily take a dab to the face — then Moon Rocks would be a great addition to your repertoire.

The Bottom Line

Moon Rocks are an incredibly versatile and innovative product but don’t forget these are also incredibly potent products — even for seasoned cannabis users. This is why it’s important to proceed with caution, especially if you’re a newbie or have a low tolerance to THC. 

Make sure to visit a reputable dispensary and to speak with a trained staff member about what Moon Rocks they carry, how strong they are, and how they will affect you before taking the plunge! 

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