HTFSE – A Star On The Cannabis Market

HTFSE – Do you know that not all cannabis concentrates are valued for their cannabinoid content? That’s right, some extracts offer much more than simply THC and CBD. A new class of premium cannabis extracts is coming onto the scene and it’s offering something that other extracts just can’t keep up with.

We’re talking about High Terpene Full-Spectrum Extracts (HTFSE) and High Cannabinoid Full-Spectrum Extracts (HCFSE). These two all-stars are about to be behemoths in the cannabis extract market, providing thousands of people with a full package cannabis experience unlike anything else on the market.

Keep on reading to find out what makes High Terpene Full-Spectrum Extracts so sought after.

What is a Full-Spectrum Extract?

To keep it simple, a Full-Spectrum Extract is a cannabis concentrate that has a full range of compounds found in the cannabis plant. 

Unlike traditional old-school cannabis extracts that only refine THC and CBD from the cannabis plant, Full-Spectrum Extracts work to pull the entire cannabinoid composition of the cannabis plant. 

There are two types of Full-Spectrum Extracts that come from this type of extraction: The High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract which takes on a more syrupy, saucy form, and the High Cannabinoid Full-Spectrum Extract, which is similar in its structure to live resin, consisting of THCA diamonds.

The focus on this type of extract is a bit different than your typical cannabis concentrate. For High Terpene Full-Spectrum Extracts it’s all about terpenes. Terpenes are responsible for giving cannabis its distinct aroma and flavor you taste when taking a dab. 

With HTFSEs, the flavor is significantly better than any other form of cannabis concentrate out there. Not only do terpenes give an intensely satisfying flavor to your bud, but they also interact with the cannabinoids like THC, meaning that consumers will benefit greatly from the entourage effect, making their experience much more fascinating than your typical cannabis concentrates.

Since the terpene content of HTFSE is so high, you’ll immediately notice as the aroma will envelop your olfactory senses. For example, a strain like Tangerine Dream when processed as a Full-Spectrum Extract will have enhanced tangerine citrusy notes and flavor compared to shatter of the same strain. 

In fact, HTFSE not only tends to extract more of the same terpenes in other concentrates, but they also tend to extract different classes of terpenes, further elevating the tasting experience, and sometimes transforming it into something else altogether.

All in all, HTFSEs provide immense amounts of the complex flavor with every dab, giving the cannabis connoisseur a mouth-watering experience each and every time.

Benefits of Full-Spectrum Extracts

Benefits of Full-Spectrum Extracts

HTFSEs and HCFSEs are considered the cream of the crop when it comes to cannabis extracts. 

HTFSEs have such a broad range of terpenes and cannabinoids that have been refined so well that you may even notice aspects of your favorite strain you wouldn’t have normally experienced if you had smoked any other form of it. 

By the same token, HCFSEs are incredibly potent in the sense that they carry immense amounts of varied cannabinoids as well as a moderately sizable terpene range.

Generally, HTFSEs will have a cannabinoid composition of roughly 50 percent with an additional 13-40 percent worth of terpenes. 

HCFSEs on the other hand have a cannabinoid composition of 90 percent, outclassing many other traditional cannabis concentrates. Both extracts offer a premium experience for those who enjoy the finer aspects of their cannabis.

How Full-Spectrum Extracts Are Made

The process behind a Full-Spectrum Extraction is actually much more difficult than many of the other extraction methods floating around the web. As it turns out, a premium product like HTFSEs requires highly specialized equipment to properly extract and can only work with the utmost high-quality ingredients; A limitation that’s not bound to many other cannabis extraction methods.

When producers begin the “extractioneering” process, they utilize four key things to ensure they end up with a high-quality extract: a hydrocarbon solvent, an adequate amount of pressure, sub-zero extraction temperatures, and a mild boiling point to remove the solvent. 

That said, producers are generally very knowledgeable about the process and will select a solvent with a low enough boiling point to not destroy any terpenes when the time comes to remove it.

To start, extractors will opt for fresh flash-frozen cured cannabis for its wide range of unadulterated terpenes. During the main extraction process, it is vital for extractors to maintain a low temperature so as to not destroy any of the more fragile terpenes.

Coupled with the use of sub-zero temperatures, the terpene and cannabinoid composition remain completely unaltered and stable in its original state. Extractors will then begin to separate compounds within the flash-frozen bud and remove any unnecessary waste including fats, lipids, and waxes.

Once the concentrate is isolated, extractors will reintroduce small amounts of heat at low temperatures to remove the solvent without tampering with the stability of the compounds. 

Just as important as the input materials, the type of solvent is also critical to a successful extraction. The right solvent will accommodate the boiling points of the terpenes and provide a smooth extraction if chosen correctly.

HTFSE Diamonds

HTFSE Diamonds

The main goal of creating a Full-Spectrum Extract is to create a premium-quality product loaded with THCA diamonds with a broad range of natural terpenes. For these types of extracts, the higher the concentration of THCA in the extract, the higher the possibility of forming diamonds.

For most producers, THCA diamonds are the trophy at the end of the race. But because there are so many factors at play like environmental stressors, strain genetics, diamonds aren’t always able to be formed.

Final Thoughts on HTFSE

There you have it, a brief overview of some of the most cutting edge cannabis products on the market. The High Terpene Full-Spectrum Extract is a great example of modern technology making its mark in the cannabis world. 

With HTFSEs, the flavor is significantly better than any other form of cannabis concentrate due to its professional extraction process that allows keeping terpene and cannabinoid composition unaltered and removing unnecessary waste including fats, lipids, and waxes.

Needless to say, an HTFSE would also make a great companion whether you’re busy in the city or out and about enjoying the outdoors.

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