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How To Use Cannabis Oil – 5 Foolproof Techniques

Knowing how to use cannabis oil is essential to getting the most out of your product. Whether it’s your goal to medicate at home or enjoy while hiking with friends, cannabis oil serves a diverse range of applications that can suit many different lifestyles.

Cannabis oil is essentially cannabis extracts combined with a carrier substance such as coconut oil. They’re immersed in fats due to the cannabinoids in them being fat-soluble, meaning that they absorb much better in fats. Coming in THC, CBD, and a variety of other ratios, having the proper knowledge of how and when to use each technique can make all the difference when using cannabis oils.

Keep reading to learn more about cannabis oil, including how they work, how long they take to kick in, and how long they last for.

How do They Work?

Seeing as there are so many different ways to use cannabis oil, each method of administration takes a different route to get you feeling good. Each individual oil also reflects the properties of the cannabis plant or cannabis flower it was originally extracted from.

When it comes to ingesting cannabis oil, the cannabinoids are absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract by moving through the stomach to the liver, where they are metabolized and absorbed by the body.

As the cannabinoids get to the liver, they get metabolized and converted into 11-Hydroxy-THC. Interestingly enough, 11-Hydroxy-THC is said to carry even more intense psychoactive effects than that of THC. From there, the body will absorb the cannabinoids and kick in swiftly and strongly. This whole process may take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

When cannabis oil is smoked, the cannabinoids in the smoke are directly absorbed by the millions of alveoli in the lungs

The alveoli are responsible for gas exchange in the lungs and take up a massive amount of surface area, allowing the swift absorption of any gas that passes through. That said, inhaled cannabis is able to enter our bloodstream almost instantaneously.

If applied topically, the cannabinoids in the oil are absorbed by the CB1 and CB2 in our skin. 

Notably, the skin is home to a large amount of CB2 receptors, allowing us to absorb cannabinoids expediently and efficiently. CBD oil is especially effective for topical use.

Last but not least, cannabis oil can be taken by sublingual administration. The cannabis oil is placed under the tongue, where it makes contact with mucous membranes which then absorb the cannabinoids and transport them into your bloodstream. Sublingual administration is actually quite potent and is a great stealthy way to consume the cannabis oil.

How to use Cannabis Oil

cannabis oil tincture

Whether you’re on a hike overlooking a jaw-dropping vista, or if you’re out camping with some buddies, there are a variety of ways you could put your cannabis oil to use.

Smoking or Vaping The Oil

We all know smoking while out for a hike or walk can be an extremely therapeutic experience. Luckily, cannabis oils provide us with an even more refined experience, allowing us to hone in on our favorite cannabinoids.

Using an Oil Rig

Cannabis oils such as THC and CBD concentrate can be smoked using an oil rig or a dab rig. Although equipment is required, this method offers a quick delivery of cannabinoids and easy way to control dosage.

  • Potent and long-lasting effects
  • Quickest way to get cannabinoids into your system
  • Fairly easy to control dosages
  • Smoking can be harsh on the throat and lungs
  • Requires an oil rig

Using a Vaporizer Pen

how to use cannabis oil vape

You can also choose to go for a more discreet approach and vape your oils using a vaporizer pen. 

If you’re out in public places, this is a great way to consume your oils without getting any flak from those around you. Vaping also has the added benefit of being easy on your throat and lungs while delivering cannabinoids into your system almost instantaneously. 

While this is great, if you’re always on the go, vaporizer pens can run out of power if used too often.

  • Potent and long-lasting effects
  • Ability to easily control the dosage and temperature of vaporization
  • Much easier on the throat and lungs when compared to smoking
  • Requires a vaporizer pen
  • Vaporizer pen can run out of power

Under the Tongue

how to use cannabis oil tincture

If you’re on the go and need a quick fix of cannabinoids, several cannabis tinctures come with liquid droppers which can be used to apply the oil under your tongue. Simply aim the dropper at a spot under your tongue, squeeze a few drops out and then let it sit for about 30 seconds. 

The mucous membranes under your tongue are home to several blood vessels which will be able to quickly and efficiently absorb the cannabinoids in as quickly as 15-30 minutes. 

If you can’t be bothered with preparation or bringing along extra equipment, this method checks all the boxes. It’s discreet, potent, and easy to do.

  • Potent and long-lasting effects
  • Requires no additional equipment
  • Easy to control dosage
  • Discreet and stealthy
  • 15-30 minute delay before the effects kick in

Apply on the Skin

cannabis topicals

One of the easiest ways to apply cannabis oils in your routine is to use it as a lotion. Simply apply a fair amount on your skin and let the cannabinoids do their work.

Topical application is considered to be fast-acting but also fleeting so you may need a bit more product than the other methods. Cannabinoids applied on skin may be used to treat a variety of common issues like sore muscles, inflammation, or even acne.

  • Easy to use, no additional equipment necessary
  • A great treatment for body aches, chronic pain, or migraines
  • Produces very mild effects, effective for day time use
  • Fast onset of effects
  • The mild effects may require more product to be effective
  • While the effects can be felt quickly, they are often short-lived


Whether you’re baking some brownies or cooking some meat over the campfire, cannabis oil can easily be incorporated into the mix. 

They’re already decarboxylated so all you need to do is add them in the recipes and you’ll be good to go. Infused coconut oil tends to be a great recipe especially due to its fat content.

  • Has the longest lasting and the most potent effects of all consumption methods
  • Can be used creatively in almost any recipe available to the imagination
  • Effects can take up to two hours to register
  • Harder to gauge dosage if making large batches
  • The effects can be too intense for some people

Final Thoughts on How to Use Cannabis Oil

Cannabis consumption comes in many forms. From edible tinctures to cannabis topicals and even vape cartridges, there’s a variety of ways to use this versatile concentrate to fit your unique lifestyle.

The next time you decide to go on an adventure with friends be sure to bring some cannabis oil, it’ll enhance your experience in more ways than one.

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