How to Grow Cannabis: A Beginner’s Guide to Growing Weed

Ever wanted to learn how to grow cannabis but didn’t know how? Well, you’ve come to the right place! We are going to show you how you can grow your own cannabis in the comfort of your own home using either of these 2 techniques.

The first method is growing your plants outdoors, which is the best approach for growing some weed at home to smoke occasionally. Another method is growing your plants indoors, which is perfect if you’re interested in only a couple of plants for private consumption or an entire grow-room to supply you, your family and your friends. 

Growing cannabis can be a bit more difficult than growing other vegetables, but it’s easier than you might think. Just remember to make sure you know the local marijuana laws in your area before you begin!

How To Grow Cannabis: What Do You Need? 


Growing marijuana doesn’t have to be expensive. In this section, we will provide you with a list of tools you will need to grow cannabis at home.

First thing’s first, in order to grow marijuana plants, you’ll need some space to grow it in. We recommend buying a sizeable enough tent that could fit the amount of weed you want to grow.

If you have an idea of where you want to grow your weed, it’s time to acquire some light for the plants to grow under (a.k.a glowlights). 

For this, any of these will work – MH system that includes ballasts, bulbs, and reflectors / HID glowlight / HPS light. Just remember to keep track of how much heat the glowlights give off, as too much heat might kill your weed.

To counter the problem of heat, you will also want an exhaust fan. This will help get any extra heat out of the way, keeping the air flowing and eliminating odors. You might also want a thermometer and a hygrometer to check the temperature and humidity of the growing environment.

Last but not least, you cannot forget the seeds and soil. You will need 3-5 gallons of loose soil (organic, ideally) which can buy locally or online. 

You should also try getting a hold of some top-notch, nutrients and fertilizers that are equipped with amazing reviews to ensure your weed gets everything it needs to grow.  This can vary depending on the strain so it’s best to do your own research once you figure out what you’re going to be growing.

How to Grow Cannabis: Seed to Bowl 

how to grow cannabis

Planting the seeds

Now that you have everything you need to grow cannabis, let’s get to it. 

Before you plant the seeds in the soil, you should root (germinate) them in a damp paper towel. Once you see the roots, plant the seeds in the soil and make sure you are providing the right amount of light and heat. 

The plant will start sprouting leaves and branches once the marijuana plant gets into the vegetative stage, and unless you have an auto-flowering seed, it shouldn’t be flowering just yet.

Remember that it is possible to overfeed and overwater your marijuana plants, here’s how to check:

  • If the leaves look droopy, they’re being overwatered
  • If the leaves look burnt, they’re being overfed

Vegetative stage

After you’ve planted the seeds, it will hit the vegetative stage. You have three things you want to keep in mind during this stage

  1. Keep the plants hydrated by watering them
  2. Check the pH levels to assure that you are feeding them correctly
  3. Make sure the plants are far enough apart from your lights so that you don’t overheat them

For dosing your nutrients and fertilizers, it is a good idea to start using half-strength because the recommended amount has been reckoned to be too strong. You might end up getting the growth that’s not ideal for potent, clean-burning weed. 

Flowering stage

This stage may be the most important stage of growing your cannabis and it takes place when your plants have grown to size during the vegetative stage. You must induce the plants and make sure they are on a light cycle of 12 hours off and 12 hours on. You can also encourage the plant’s bud growth by feeding the plant with more nutrients. 

How to Harvest and Cure Weed 

How do you know when to harvest weed? You’ll want to use a magnifying glass and look for the trichomes, which are the small crystal-like mushrooms on the surface of your buds. This is also where the cannabinoids (THC, CBD) and terpenes of your weed plants are stored. 

Once these trichomes turn from semi-transparent to cloudy white, they are ready to be harvested. If the color turned to amber, it is a sign that you’re a bit too late. Harvest times vary across strains so it’s best to follow the instructions for that specific breed. 

You may also want to trim your cannabis before harvesting it. Trimming your weed is essential to avoid getting excess sugar leaves that are known to leave a foul taste in your mouth.

After all the buds are harvested, you need to dry and cure them. This process can take roughly a week and it will depend on the humidity levels and the time of the year. 

You should also give the marijuana plants some time to dry. This will influence the taste, potency, and aroma of your cannabis. The stem of the bud should be moist enough to bend while the leaves should be dry as the desert sand. If you think that your buds are dry enough, they are ready for packaging!

Well Done Bud! 

Now you know how to grow cannabis at home. The hardest part of starting something new is getting started. With such a sweet (and dank) pot of weed waiting at the end of the journey, why not consider investing some of your free time and earning your Green Thumb? Not only will you save money in the long run by being your own supplier, you’ll also know exactly what nutrients and fertilizers are going into your cannabis! 

We guarantee that anything you’ll grow at home will be fresher and tastier than what you’ll be able to get elsewhere (with a few exceptions, of course). 

Everything stated above should take, on average, 3-4 months. With the correct tools, dedication, and the harmony of ingredients, you will be left with a nice treat for yourself. And ladies and gentlemen, that’s how you can grow your own weed!

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