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Different Types of Edibles – Your Ultimate List

What are the types of edibles? In the world of cannabis, it’s a long-fought debate as to which form of edibles are the best. To tell you the truth, there is no definitive answer as it all comes down to personal preference. 

What will work for you may not necessarily work for others and vice versa. On top of that, several individual factors like health and the way each person’s body interacts with cannabinoids also come into play.

By understanding the various types of edibles out there, you’ll be able to know what to look for and find the perfect product for you! Join us as we cover the different types of edibles available today! 


edibles beverages

Medical patients, particularly those who suffer from chronic pain and stress can benefit enormously from cannabis beverages. Similarly to solid edibles, these types of edibles go through the digestive tract before being absorbed, taking approximately 30 minutes to an hour to kick in.

Cannabis beverages come in a range of different varieties as well: sodas, juices, coffees, and teas. While sugary cannabis drinks can leave you with varying effects, cannabis and tea are a particularly dynamic combo, combating anxiety while also providing the therapeutic effects of tea.

Gummies, Chocolates, and Candies

edible chocolate

These are cult classics and are what most people think of when you mention cannabis edibles. Cannabis gummies, chocolates, and candies are yet another great option for combating chronic pain and depression with the powers of cannabis. 

Much like weed beverages, these types of edibles come in an assortment of different flavors and types. 

Whether you’re into mango gummies, or dark chocolate, these types of edibles make for a great tasty option. In addition to this, healthier snack options are also available for those who are calorie-conscious.


edible tincture

Tinctures are a great way to consume your cannabis if you tend to prefer something that’s easy to use, portable, and lasts a long time.

These types of edibles are cannabis extracts such as an oil or distillate that has been suspended in an alcohol solution. They can be taken orally, sublingually (under the tongue), and topically, all with just a few drops. 

Not to mention, tinctures can also be much faster acting than cannabis drinks and solids if taken sublingually (about 15-30 minutes until the effects are felt). 

Many people who aren’t fans of smoking their cannabis tend to opt for these types of edibles for their ease of use, potency, and long shelf life.


edible capsules

While not actually a solid or liquid, capsules fill the void for those who don’t want to worry about the taste of their cannabis. 

Cannabis capsules are commonly THC or CBD oils or extracts that are dosed and placed in individual capsules. Each capsule is carefully and accurately dosed. Most dispensaries will carry capsules in a variety of different concentrations.

Today, cannabis capsules come in as one of the more popular edibles choices, as they have no taste, are easily portable, and can provide lasting effects.


types of edibles sprays

Another easy to use edible that’s definitely worth considering. Sprays deliver cannabinoids through sublingual administration, meaning that you spray it under your tongue for a quick and effective dose.

These types of edibles are amazing for people who have active lifestyles with little time to spare. Cannabis sprays are great at dealing with pain and anxiety as they tend to kick in much quicker than drinks and solid edibles (around 15-30 minutes), making it a great option wherever you are, whether its in the city, at home or somewhere outdoors.

Phoenix Tears

phoenix tears

Originally developed by the cannabis activist Rick Simpson, Phoenix Tears are a full cannabis extract that is even more potent than many cannabis tinctures. 

Similar to cannabis tinctures, Phoenix tears can be consumed sublingually, orally, and topically, depending on the desired effect. What differentiates Phoenix Tears from your standard cannabis tincture, is that the solvent (alcoholic solution) is burnt off in Phoenix Tears, leaving only the remaining cannabis oil.

Due to the potency of Phoenix Tears, this type of edible product is more medicinal in nature when compared to other forms. It can administer a strong dose of cannabinoids discreetly and efficiently with fast-acting effects to medical patients who require it.

That said, those who suffer from inflammation will benefit immensely from Phoenix Tears, as their topical use can provide therapeutic relief to the affected areas in short periods of time, easing the pain and discomfort.



A great versatile option that is both easy to consume and extremely potent. Distillates cater themselves more towards seasoned cannabis users, offering THC concentrations upwards of 80%. 

Due to modern technology, distillates are some of the purest forms of cannabis extracts, offering an extremely nuanced experience by targeting and isolate specific cannabinoids. 

Distillates are an excellent option if you don’t have access to a kitchen to prepare your edibles, it can be a perfect companion while out in the wilderness or on a hike, away from society. A true winner in terms of power and versatility.

Final Thoughts on Different Types of Edibles

No matter what people say which edibles are the best and worst, it really is up to you to make that choice for yourself. While there is no definitive best edible in the world, there definitely is something for everyone.

For those looking to combating anxiety and chronic pain, cannabis-infused drinks and solids might be great options. If you prefer something that’s easy to use, portable, and lasts a long time, capsules or tincture would be a good choice. 

You can also give sprays a try if you a fan of an active lifestyle with little time to spare. And for those heading towards more potent cannabis extracts, Phoenix Tears and distillates would benefit the most. 

We hope this article helped guide you in finding out which edibles may be cooperative with your lifestyle and needs. As with any other type of cannabis product, you’ll want to make sure you purchase from a trusted dispensary for the best results!

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